HIS – Till Death Do Us Part?

As a single male what can I say about marriage that has not been told about slavery? When you get married she is called the old ball and chain. When you are at home with your wife your boys say he is “Locked up”. If you do something for your wife that seems out of the ordinary of what you would normally do it is called “being whipped.” As a single man how am I to look at marriage as a good thing?

Financially I see the benefits. You have a second income. You’re insurance decreases due to marriage. You have another line of credit depending on how good both of your credit scores are. Then there is the potentially down side. That person may have the worst credit in the world. They might overspend their money which means she’s tapping into your money now. Not only that, but she know thinks she owns half of everything now too.

Personally, I have never seen a marriage that was right or the man seemed happy. When I was growing up I used to think that I am not to be happy within a relationship or marriage because it is all about her. The proposal, the engagement party, bridal shower and the wedding…all things I could care less about. I am a reception type man myself, I want to know what we are eating and are we going to have to do a DJ (I am not into live bands unless I am at a concert)? As men we are easy to please, we just don’t know how to express it.

Then there is the big thing about commitment. FOREVER! So you are telling me that out of all the women in the world, I have met, seen or could meet, I have to stick to this one? A friend’s dad once said “Being with a woman is like having a car. You have yours and you love it, but there will always be that shiny red Cadillac that pulls up next to you and now you want to drive it.” I always want that Cadillac! There are so many out there, why do I have to have to settle for the slightly rusted Ford Taurus or the Honda Civic? I am worth a Cadillac! Aren’t I?

This is where all my friends say “You are picky”. To me picky is if I was looking for a regular sedan. NO! I am looking for a car that is going to turn heads and keep other cars from swerving in my lane. I want other owners to look at my car and be like “Yea that brother has it made, wish I had his car.” So I am not being picky I AM BEING SELECTIVE. I am looking for a unique model because I know no one is perfect and sadly that includes me. I will pull off the lot with a shiny, sexy, maybe slightly used Cadillac and enjoy it until it is off to the side of the road somewhere. And when I do look back at it I will say that was the best car I ever had.


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