The AchieVers Story

Achievers Online Magazine Mission:

To inspire readers to achieve their dreams by providing simple how to guides, principles and practical examples from other Achievers who have overcome obstacles. We set out to promote and encourage others along their own personal journey to success.

The Achievers Story:

In 2011 two ordinary people, Peter Hornbuckle and Melissa Phillips made a decision. They decided that they were tired of always talking about what they were going to do, what they desired to have, and who they wanted to be. Just talking about it wasn’t producing the results they longed for. As a result, they decided it was time to activate the Achiever within them and to take the necessary steps to BECOME the ACHIEVER they were destined to be.

They began utilizing simple principles taught to them by their mentors (Life Coaches Drs. Michael and Samantha Phillips and other influential leaders. The pair took simple steps including:

1. Brainstorming what they want to do

2. Creating an action plan

3. Logging their results

Achievers magazine was birthed out of this desire to BECOME. Peter and Melissa envisioned publishing a magazine for people just like them who are tired of just dreaming of success. Achievers Online Magazine desires to bridge the gap between dreams and reality by providing knowledge that can be applied to a variety of success goals.

Achievers Peter and Melissa desire to see others take the Achievers Journey to Success with them. In their blogs they will give a variety of HIS verses HERS opinions on a variety of subjects including: relationships, finances, health and fitness, etc.

Join them on their journey to success and share your Achiever stories with them. Allow Achievers Online Magazine to help you to tap into your true potential and become the Achiever you truly are.


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