AchieVers Moment – Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

Last night I watched the movie Turbo with a couple kids. It’s the movie about a snail who had a dream to be a speed racer like Nascar. The main character Turbo had to overcome so many obstacles:

  1. His culture – snails that were comfortable with the status quo
  2. Fear – under constant danger by others who delighted in crushing snails for their own pleasure
  3. Dream Killers – a brother who loved him and thought he was protecting him, but in actuality was allowing his own fears to motivate him

But Turbo couldn’t be deterred. He initiated some key principles to BECOME what he dreamed.

  1. Vision – he continually imagined himself racing, going full blasts and at speeds unheard of for snails
  2. Mentoring – He spent countless hours listening to a famous race driver give advise on how to win and the importance of fueling your dream with passion and faith
  3. Action – he acted on opportunities to activate his dream/make it a reality. 4. Consistency – he never gave up, he took steps daily towards his dream, regardless of how many times he failed, he used failure as a learning opportunity to do better on the next attempt
  4. Partnership – Because he was already in motion, he was connected with a fellow dreamer who ironically was in a similar situation as him. Together, they both were able to realize their dreams.

As you can see I loved this movie. I recognized a lot of Kingdom principles while watching it. Perhaps it’s because I’m looking at life through a new set of eyes. I haven’t seen the end of the movie yet. I’m sure there are more lessons to learn, but what I do KNOW is this.
FAITH is not just believing or talking about what you are going to do. It’s making a plan and putting that plan into ACTION.


In 2014 I’m not just talking about what I want…I’m doing something to get it!!!!!!

With that being said one of my many goals this year is to build wealth. I’m not just talking about money, but I mean the mindset and everything that goes along with it. So, I’m committed to becoming knowledgeable and walking it out. Why because, I have a dream of being a Kingdom Investor. I want to personally sow millions into the Kingdom by funding Kingdom projects and businesses.And I’ve just walked into a goldmine…literally!

I just found a stream of income that helps me save consistently and to make money while referring others to save. It’s a GOLDMINE and I’m ready to share the wealth! Hit me up if you’re interested!
Amos 9:13-15

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