Joane Thodule: Helping Others Through Inspiration

What do you do after you have faced tragedy? How do you deal when you have to bounce back from emotional or physical trauma? When your spirit has been broken and self-esteem is low, how does one keep one’s self worth valuable? Through motivation from someone who has been through it or even worst.  Joane Theodule was born in Haiti and at the age of 10 she migrated to the United States. You would think that her life would get better, but that was not the case. Joane the oldest of four children was mentally, physically and sexually abused until fifth grade.  During Joane’s junior year in high school, she was asked to leave her mother’s home by her very own mother.  With all this going on in her life you can only imagine all the thoughts and emotions that she could have went through. How does she deal with it you might ask?

Joane has since completed a bachelor’s degree from Bethune-Cookman University. After completing her undergraduate degree, she enrolled at Florida A&M University and graduated with a master’s degree in public administration. Joane is currently enrolled at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of law where she is pursuing a juris doctor degree. To say the least, Joane is a pure example of an achiever. She is the Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of Helping Other People to Excel, LLC. Joane hosts seminars and workshops at various high schools, colleges, churches to motivate and educate men and women based on her life experiences to help others to maximize their full potential. I was pleased at the opportunity to sit and ask this wonderful woman some questions about her organization and her advice for someone who has dealt with abuse.

What makes you an Achiever?

My own personal definition of an achiever is a person who has been able to overcome various obstacles during their lifetime and is willing to share the lessons and experiences in order to improve society and the lives of others.

When did you realize your gift?

I realized that I had the ability to motivate others during my undergraduate years in college when some of my classmates and friends would secretly tell me how much I have inspired them by my determination. Those individuals were not even aware of my personal struggles. Therefore, I figured if I shared my story with others then I may just be able to inspire even more.

What motivates you to do what you are doing for people?

My passion and my love for mankind to reach their full potential motivate me to travel all over the world and host seminars and workshops on various topics that can help one to maximize their full potential.

What do you want to do with your company in the future?

Eventually, I want Helping Other People to Excel, LLC to become the leading organization in inspiring people to reach their full potential. Also, to reach out to millions of people nationwide and transform lives.

Do you have any advice for someone who has been through what you have been through?

If you are a victim or have been a victim of any sort of abuse, I recommend that you reach out and tell someone as soon as possible. Once you have revealed the abuse to somebody, you will feel a relieved. At first, it may feel awkward but it is worth it. And allow yourself to get healed by asking God for peace and joy. Therapy is definitely recommended for the healing process. Once an individual has been a victim of any type of abuse, they become broken. Sometimes you may not even know that you were broken until you become healed and look back over your life. In my case, I had no Idea that the abuse caused me to fall into depression and suicidal thoughts until recently. It took nearly twenty-two years of my life to become healed. I do not want anyone else to go though such crisis for that long of time and to be honest; the goal is to eradicate sexual abuse in America and all over the world period!

Who were the influences in your life that helped guide you to being the person you are today?


I have been very blessed because God has placed some phenomenal human beings in my life who I consider to be mentors. Those individuals have influenced me in ways that would require me to write an entire book to explain. I did not make it here this far on my own; it is because of the help of my mentors that I am here today.

How are you hoping to affect the people you are trying to reach?


I pray every day that my words will be a vessel to everyone in a manner that when times get tough they can remember my encouraging words and story.

Joane is an Achiever in more ways than one. Built with the intentions to help others as well as show them the way to success. She truly is a person with an agenda to improve the community around her and even the world. She has spoken in Indiana, Florida and other states and is willing to travel the world to spread her word of perseverance and triumph. If you are interested in booking her to speak feel free to contact her directly at 218-666-8762 or via e-mail at Also, please feel free visit to learn more about Helping Other People to Excel, LLC.

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