Comedian finds purpose through comedy.

How do you know that you are in your purpose? Let comedian Marley tells you how he found his. At one of the most difficult times in someone’s life he ended up finding a career. Marley who is Panamanian raised in New York was asked to speak at his father’s funeral. “I started talking and I was making everyone laugh. That’s when I knew I should be doing comedy.” He states that there was a plan to always go into comedy but this finalized his path. Most people make their starts from talent shows, comedy clubs or now the ever so popular YouTube. Not for Marley though, he decided to take a tragedy and turn tears of sorrow into cries of laughter. The next step for Marley was to start writing his material. Marley made crucial steps to becoming a comedian in an industry that is becoming saturated with talent. So this tells you that he is not going to back down from a challenge. He proved this when he performed a comedy routine at an event where mostly people were singing, rapping and doing poetry off of a bet with a friend. Marley accepted his calling all of those years being a class clown has paid off. Marley says his comedy comes from his upbringing and talking about his island family background. He is now promoting his dream as well. Once a month at Soiree off of Silver Star rd you can find Marley hosting Wild-N-Out Wednesdays. This is where you can find the best in urban comedy in Orlando. Comedians who have been on some of the biggest stages such as Def Comedy Jam, Bad Boys of Comedy and even major motion picture film perform at this worthwhile event. The combination of a great show and Soiree putting together a nice comfortable atmosphere and drink specials, it is a sure thing to do on a Wednesday night to get you through your week. The adult show is sure to make you laugh and eventually lead to tears. The next show is July 18th starting at 8pm. Take the time to come out and support a young comedian who is on the rise right here in Orlando.

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