HIS – Purpose

They always say your dream as a kid is what will make you happiest. Well I wanted to be a superhero. I planned to have my armor made of chain mail, which I found out was used to stop knives and swords from piercing the skin. I would buy some grappling hooks and train myself with all the martial arts I could think of. I would have moved to a big city and work from the alleys and back streets so I would know how to escape and hide from the criminals. I had a plan. Then I grew up and realized that was a ridiculous thought. People are crazy and kill for the dumbest reasons. So I gave up that idea and thought I would just play football. That dream ended when I became a 6 foot 225 lbs line man. If you don’t know that is not big enough to be an NFL football player. I got bigger after college smh.

I went into college knowing that I could not make it in this world without using my brain. I worked hard to do the right thing in high school and I did. I received a 4.0 in my final year. I did not get a scholarship but was happy that I had the opportunity to go to college. I was from a blue-collar town and saw those people work so hard for businesses to go up in smoke and their pensions with the flames.  I just did not have a good plan going into college and that lead me a stray. I picked a major based on what my family wanted for me. I figured if I made them happy they would be happy. Wrong! I was not happy at all but I was still trying to make my family happy. It took a while for me to realize that I was not going to make it by making them happy and I am not.

It was not until recently that I realized now I was out of purpose. Living in purpose you are doing what you would do if you did not receive any money for it. When you are in purpose you are enjoying what you do. When you live in purpose everything goes right. Purpose is what we exist for. To find what it is that you are living for you must find out who you are. With that everything will go right and you will be an achiever.

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