Where’s your faith?

“O ye of little faith” This is repeated in the bible multiple times by Jesus. He said it the most to his own disciples. I just find it interesting that he had this men follow him at the drop of a dime. These men left their families behind, professions and Lord knows what else to follow Christ. They were persecuted, attacked, maimed and given horrible deaths. But these were the ones who’s faith were questioned the most.

As I read the book of Matthew, I came to an realization. That faith is something that you must just fall into. When I say fall into. I mean you must give it a chance without thinking about it. Not all are  able to do this. We are not able to do this because we have the mindset we need certain things to survive or feel. We do not want to be uncomfortable, we want to know that nothing bad will happen from the decisions we make. This is not faith. Faith is relying that he will feed us like he feeds the foul. Faith is knowing that we can live without the acceptance of our peers or the love of a significant other. Faith is not something seen whatsoever. The disciples seen the multitudes feed, they saw Jesus walk on water and even told Jesus he was the Son of the almighty God. But when Jesus became transfigured and the Lord spoke to them saying who he was they fell in fear. I see this as even questioning faith. As if they were truly unsure if they were following the Son of God. The thing that makes the disciples so great even with their lack was their dedication to Jesus and who they wanted to believe he was.

I am not saying they did not have faith. I am saying their minds tested it constantly. I feel we have to realize that is what happens to us. We get feelings of sadness out of nowhere, doubt of things we have already accomplished. We fail to complete tasks that we have set are minds to finish, all because we discredit ourselves and most of all because we lack faith. I find this battle to be interesting that we are always our worst enemy. We must deny OUR flesh everyday as the disciples had to. So when you talk about all your haters, watch out for the biggest one. The one in the mirror.

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