HIS – The Journey of an Achiever

Hello Good People! As every new year comes and goes I am sure everyone is excited with ambitions and new found enthusiasm towards becoming a better person. You have every right to feel this way, I know I do. I am in the process of starting businesses and collaborating with great people on working out and meal plans. I even am starting a budget! Me! Mister I don’t look at my account until that pay day cause I am afraid it will say inappropriate funds. I know God has it for me to be wealthy because I don’t worry about money right now, I am sure it is going to come…I hope. The way I see it all of this is happening the time it needs to be. Let’s face it if I was cut up and had the banging body I wanted at a young age. I would have…well God knows what, if you catch my drift.

I believe I have calmed down since then; I have new goals and a purpose to fulfill. I want to be an achiever. I want to set goals and accomplish them. I want to help others reach their goals and potential. I want to be the father to many ideas and the supplier to dreams. How can I do this all if I am not living it myself? So this is where it starts for me. Becoming an achiever myself. Setting small goals like get organized, budget better (not flawlessly but better), workout no less than 4 times a week, dont be afraid to talk to women, I mean people (ain’t nutting wrong with just talking), and work on your businesses daily.

With my heart set on being a provider for my family, living and in the future. I believe that I have to be an example. I must be the achiever I desire to be. I want every need to be met by me if asked. So I will fight for these goals this year. I have been listening to something that has inspired me and try to listen to it daily and it is only 4-5 minutes long and in it there is this saying and it goes something like: To be successful you have to want it as bad as you want to breath and then you will truly be successful. I want to be successful. I must make it my breath.

Here is the link to the page:


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